Training Block - Rest?

Hi. New to Sufferfest, so not sure if I’m missing something, but should the training plans have a schedule in rest period. I’m looking at the 200 Mile Gravel Grinder Plan, which says its a 12 week plan, training blocks of 3 weeks on, 1 week off. However the calendar has riding every week for 12 weeks with no rest/recovery weeks? Is this correct? Is there a risk of over training? Bit confused.

Cheers, A

There are rest weeks scheduled, as you’ve observed. The 1 week off still includes sessions, but at a reduced volume and intensity from the ‘on’ weeks.

It’s (generally) more beneficial to take the approach of lower volume/intensity, compared to having a week fully off. If you open up the sessions on the recovery week you’ll see they have adjusted FTP/MAP values etc to give a less intense workout to enhance recovery and adaptations from the block of training you have just completed. Trust the process :+1:


Ah that makes sense - knew I’d be missing something. Thanks :+1:

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