3 week vs 4 week training blocks

Hi. I’m an older cyclist (almost 60) but still enjoy training and racing. In fact, I’ve had my best success since I started using Sufferfest a couple of years ago.

I’ve always used 4 week blocks in my training plans (3 weeks work + 1 rest week). By the time I get near the end of the 3rd week, I really really need that rest week. How can I tell whether it’s time to build my plans using 3 week blocks instead (2 work + 1 rest)?

I tried the 2+1 approach for a while a couple of years ago but didn’t feel I was getting the fitness progression I wanted. However, I’m a little concerned about going too deep and just feeling worn out.

How have others dealt with this? How should I feel at the end of the 3rd week of a training block; still pretty strong or very tired?


Hi there @Steve_Q. I am in my 50s and the 12 week plans I am using with Sufferfest work on a 2 week hard block with 1 week recovery. I was skeptical of this but the results speak for themselves: Training Peaks and Strava both show me as being fitter than I have ever been (including when I was doing marathons) and my resting Heart Rate is now the lowest it has ever been.

I do still swap out a weekend workout with a long outdoors (70-80 miles) ride with friends (even on rest weeks). The beauty is that after 2 weeks I am feeling tired but during the course of the 12 weeks (on my second consecutive one now) I never feel completely exhausted.