Training Outdoors

Hello all,

So, while doing Cash Register today, I snapped the belt on my Kickr. I do not want to vacation in Couchlandria until the new belt comes in. Does anyone have any advice for training outdoors? I have a PM on my XC bike, but I’ve mainly been working on skills and cruising trails when I’ve ridden outdoors this season. I’m open to all inputs as I’m at that point where I want to stay angry and have The Ministry of Couchlandria bring me a box of donuts and being bullheaded and just go outside and bury myself for 1-2 hours with no sort of plan or structure.

See you out on the trails!


I live in a somewhat urban area, near a park on a hill. The climb is 4-10% and lasts a few minutes. Since I can’t do intervals on a traditional bike path (too dangerous), I will just do hill repeats on nearby hills. It works out to be something like GOAT or AVDP or even Nine Hammers if I go hard enough :slight_smile:
So, that is to say, find your nearby safest, quickest way to do an interval workout during the week. For the weekends, I still can do endurance rides and they are much more pleasurable than endurance on the trainer. I can easily do a slow 30 minute cruise to some rolling hills for an hour or two… return home… and I’ve got a perfect weekend endurance ride. :slight_smile:


I will often read the workout summary for whatever training ride is in my plan and simulate the best I can while outside. No power meter, but easy to incorporate standing, sprints, etc. on a flat-ish outdoor ride. Other times I just get my hubby to go with me and I try to put as much distance as possible between us! He hates this, of course.