Training Plan deferment

Hi everyone

Back on SYSTM after a few months enforced departure but absolutely have missed it and am super pleased to be suffering again!

On that note, I have only been a week into a 3 week plan before unfortunately falling foul of a sick bug, meaning I’ve missed a week. Is it better to just quit the plan and start it again, or can I rejig it and just start the second two weeks after a week off?


Me personally, I would forget that week, recover and start again. Had you been a few weeks into a longer, say 12 week plan, then maybe a re jig would be the thing to do.


I’d just start again. It’s only a three week plan!


Thanks both, just means I have to get ‘the shovel’ out again :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Awesome! One of my favorites. If you hate shoveling, get your hammers instead. Or do a Model.

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I have got the " It seemed like a good idea at the time (ISLAGIATT) tomorrow, looks horrendous!! 1hr and 55 minutes of pain!. Probably have to do that in level mode as there looks to be many rapid tempo and power changes and my Direto trainer won’t be able to change quick enough in ERG mode

Give it a go in ERG mode FIRST, then if that doesn’t work, give level a go. There are very few shorter than 30 second intervals on that video.

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Thanks for that, looked a bit different when stretched out during the session and it was fine in ERG mode. . Also, whilst it takes say 10 seconds to catch up, it also takes 10 seconds to revert back so in reality it is just a 10 second shift along the session so as long as you follow the cadence it is mostly fine. cheers


I have found myself with the same problem now as my Direto trainer has gone faulty, again!! the second time in the 4 weeks I have owned it. I was 4 weeks into a 12 week plan so what I have done is move the rest of the plan (8 weeks) one week forward and will be using this week for some outside Zone 2 endurance training hoping that it will be sorted during this week??

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