Is there any way to move my plan out by a week because of vacation

One of the things I loved about TrainerRoad was the push out a week and have the rest of your schedule adjust. I setup a training schedule that ends in early January but I know I am on vacation for a week in November and again in December. Is there anyway to pushing everything out a week instead of moving things one by one or even worse deleting the whole week.


At the moment, you’d need to delete your plan and reselect it with the new end date. You won’t lose anything you’ve done already. You can wait until the actual break so you don’t skew the plan before then.

But when I come back from my one week vacation I setup again but won’t make redo the same rides as I have already done again or is it smart enough to know that I want to continue.

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Yeh, good question. I’d say that it will move back 1 week (then again when you do it next time) so it shouldn’t make you do stuff you’ve already done. That is, unless that is part of the plan. For example, I find cadence drills comes up at a couple points in plans I’ve done.

So, it’s not smart, unfortunately, at least not yet and having to delete the whole plan and add it back in again is a pita, to be sure. But, it’s the workaround as far as I can tell.

Do you know if it will be “smart” in the near future? I hadn’t seen anything like TrainerRoads adaptive training on SYSTM’s road map they shared.

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Not sure if the evil scientists and product devs are seriously looking at implementing any type of machine based workout progression AI like TR.

Perhaps the bigger question is: “Do we really want the machine to take over SYSTM?! Did Terminator not teach us anything?!”

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords!


It’s funny, I was thinking of how to tell people what training program I use and was amusing myself by saying The SYSTM. And imagining them saying What system is that? And me saying yes, that is correct. Who’s on first?

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I don’t know

having used TR AT (note I kept away from machine learning, as it’s basically an if else statement) for about 4 months, I renewed my sufferfest subscription, at least if Wahoo do it, they won’t announce something in feburary and then 8 months later still not be upto that spec (feburary video … it analysis outside workouts, 16 oct … no it doesn’t)


I would like to throw my two cents in that this is very much a needed feature that should be a simple UI tweak. TrainerRoad, Training Peaks and Todays Plan all allow this. Its really helpful with an upcoming vacation or when you catch a cold (especially useful in the COVID world we live in). I had to manually reschedule 6 weeks just so I could keep the training plan I was building on. The thread starts going into smart updates, that isn’t necessary, just the ability to push a week of training plans out and have it cascade through the rest of the scheduled training.

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+1 @aecky01 on taking whatever you’ve got scheduled and being able to shift the whole thing, including any ad hoc added workouts etc. The current method of deleting and re-adding is not only inelegant, it doesn’t work if you’ve made a whole bunch of customizations. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Edit: except the bit about it being a simple UI tweak. Things often look easier from the outside looking in.

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I would like this feature also but agree that it’s probably not all that simple. What i do now is when setting up my training plan, i set the start date several months in the future. Then I pull forward workouts to the current week when i know I’ll have the time. If I’ve been off for awhile because of vacation, injuries or life, I can throw in a few easy rides like recharger to somewhat get back to my riding level before the interruption.

I haven’t read all the posts, but it’s pretty easy to put a delay into a plan. When you get to the date where you want to put in a delay, say 4 days, delete your current plan. All completed workouts will remain as such on your calendar and future workouts will be deleted. Then add the same plan again setting the start or end date 4 days later than your original plan. All the workouts in the added plan previous to the current date will not appear on you calendar. Certainly they could make it easier, but this way isn’t too bad.

Or you can (painfully) reschedule one by one all upcoming sessions