Training plan for getting faster on the flats

Hello fellow sufferlandrians!

I’ve been cycling for a year now and really like Sufferfest. However, I’m struggling to find my next training plan.

I live in the Netherlands without any hills , therefore I’d like to get faster on the flats (raw power)

I just completed the couch to crusher plan. After the 6 week mark I added weekly 3h endurance rides, which I really enjoy doing.

Yesterday I completed my FF test and these are the results:
NM: 1277W (was 1173)
AC: 526W (431)
MAP: 337W (301)
FTP: 264W (232)

I’m an attacker and my weakness is sustained.

My half monty results after 6 weeks was 267W FTP and MAP 338W. Although ramp tests are never really accurate for me as I tend to be quite strong anaerobicly.

For my next training plan I was thinking of the following options:

  • Ftp block special focus followed up with all purpose road
  • (metric) century plan as it has long endurance rides which will train my endurance capacity
  • time trial plan. Even though I don’t have any intentions on riding one. But does have a strong focus on long sustained efforts

What do you think would be best to improve my sustained weakness and get faster on the flats?

Hey @hellofellowcyclists … my 2 cents for “raw power” why not give the special focus plans a go. Specifically the Speed Demon Plan or Power Builder.

The power builder is a nice 6 week program to build as much power as possible and also factors in some outdoor rides. Perfect as the weather is getting better in NL. Although the snow this week would make you wonder!!!

Depending on where you are living if you are in Randstad Area you could jump onto the Ringvaart for interval friendly training outdoors.

@hellofellowcyclists I think those are all good choices but I would probably give the edge to the time trial plan as the best match for your goals.

Haha yeah the weather has definitely been interesting to say the least here for last week or so! Thanks for recommending the Power Building. I actually didn’t know about this plan and do like the longer weekend rides!

I feel like the difference between a ftp training block, power building plan and time trial plan are very similar but different durations, but maybe I’m wrong :smiley:

I could also do the time trial plan and replace one weekend ride for a 3h endurance ride

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Glad you have been enjoying your time with the SUF app!
Based on the plan you have just wrapped up is a bit lower on the volume (until you started adding the extra volume) I would suggest one of the TT plans. However, if you aren’t looking for a full 12-week plan then one of the FTP block plans would be the way to go given your MAP:FTP ratio, you’ve got plenty of ceiling to grow that FTP under.
Hope that helps!

Thanks! I started the intermediate TT plan a week ago, so fingers crossed for the results in 12 weeks :smiley:

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Thought I’d give a little update now that I’m half way through my 12 week Time Trial plan and just completed my Half Monty test.

Almost all workouts are focused on sustained effort, which was definitely painful at times. I will not easy forget Long scream from last week, that was really pain already after 5mins - 30min at and above threshold. I feel like I’m getting faster on my outdoor rides and have been enjoying the plan so far!

So then my test results from my Half Monty today. I’m an attacker so my HM results are usually a little bit too high, but we will see by how much during the next workout.

FTP 292W (was 264)
MAP 370W (was 337)
LTHR 169 (was 173)

Really happy with the results so far, looking forward to my 4DP results in 6 weeks time :smiley:


Excellent results, good job! :muscle: