What plan should I choose

So after my FF, I have decided to do the FTP training blocks as it is my suggested weakness.

Would like to ask for advices from all experienced Sufferlandrian on what training plan should I choose.

I was thinking of Couch to Crusher then proceed with All-purpose road.

Or should I just proceed to All-purpose road after my FTP training blocks.

My aim is just to improve my cycling ability (I sucks big time!!!).

Thank you so much


What is the ratio between your MAP and FTP?

Thanks for the prompt message.

My FTP is 111 and my MAP is 142.

But my MAP has been adjusted by Sufferfest due to my irregular high AC (that maybe due to my inexperience in doing the FF)

OK. Sometimes, if FTP is a weakness, you need to improve your MAP first if the ratio between them is too low. I think you’ll be OK with your FTP building block plan.

Couch to Crusher depends on how active you are on the bike right now. Have you recently started cycling (again), or have you been riding regularly and you just want bigger numbers?

Plans are a bit fiddly, IMO, because you generally need a goal or some target. “I want to get better” is a great layperson’s statement but doesn’t mean much in a practical sense.

Do you have a local ride or hill you’d like to complete? Maybe a metric century?

It really helps to have a SMART objective.

Edit: I’m just an amateur at this, too, so take this advice as it’s intended :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@Fatboi Perhaps a coach would think otherwise but personally I wouldn’t worry about a building block as it sounds like you are just looking to ride and gradually progress. So all purpose road should fit well with your goal of being a better cyclist. Note that the plans are going to be adjusted for your specific metrics so you will still get plenty of sessions that focus on FTP improvement. Also check out the mental toughness series, yoga and perhaps strength.

Remember that the journey that you are on is not about being the best - it is about being your best so don’t worry about the actual numbers, just the direction and velocity of those numbers!


@Fatboi Good to see you got through your FF. Stick with it now, you will improve and the weight will come down! :slight_smile: :+1:

I agree that All Purpose Road is likely a good plan for you, but one of the nice things about Couch to Crusher is that after the first first week it settles in to 4 days on / 3 days off per week. If you’re new to riding generally I think the extra day(s) off the bike can make the plan much easier to live with.

All Purpose Road is never less than 5 days per week and sometime up to 7 days per week. Not necessarily a problem, and you may decide to go for the plan with the full intention of skipping some days anyway.

Just something to consider, especially if you are at the stage of getting used to being on a bike, possible sore bum, stiff back etc. Couch to Crusher was the first plan I did and I enjoyed the regular rest days of having every Sunday, Monday and Thursday off the bike.

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Hello. I also did the program from couch…and I was very happy with my progress specially in 2020…i want to start again the same program, but I can not figure out with SYSTM which one is…can you help me?

@Dan_Mihaila I think you are looking for fitness kickstarter.

@Dan_Mihaila I also completed Couch to Crusher previously but unfortunately it appears to have been removed in Systm. The fitness kickstarter that @JSampson mentions is a 6 week plan - C2C was a 10 week plan. If you still have the old app installed on a device you can add it to your calendar from there.