Training sharing issues

My two today training have synchonyzed neither to Strava nor TrainingPeaks.
Then I tried to share them manually from the calendar on web site and even from old Sufferfest app. Nothing helped. Is there any issue with sharing?

I have had sharing problems today also.
The initial automatic share failed, and two subsequent manual tries failed as well.

Just synchronized to Strava. Still absent in TP.

All of mine shared fine to Garmin and Strava.

My workout 10 minutes sync’d to TP but didn’t to Strava. I got a message from Strava that they were having sync issues on their end. I wonder if something happened which is effecting all of them.

There are apparently AWS issues today affecting multiple services and platforms ( Strava runs on AWS so I imagine it’s related to that, rather than a SYSTM or Strava specific problem.
Their status page indicates issues with upload/API as well:

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My workout eventually uploaded to Strava without my doing anything an hour or so after I finished.

My workout eventually got to TP. It went to Strava without any problems.