Training Peaks | Yoga no longer sharing

Wondering if something changed with Training Peaks? Yoga workouts are failing to share. Cycling workouts are still sharing to TP just fine.

I tried to manually share but still same email error message.

@ErickT It worked for me last night and my HRV reading uploaded this morning. It seems like the site is loading slow so perhaps there are issues going on.

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Over the last few days I’ve had a few problems putting some metrics in to TP manually (so nothing to to do with Systm). It definitely feels a bit sluggish in a browser at the moment and the app is refusing to let me do so.

Yeah. I think it’s a TP issue rather than a SYSTM one. I upload to both Strava and TP. Strava’s been working fine but there’s often a problem or a delay with the TP upload

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Share the email message with the Minions. They might be able to help and it’s always a good idea to keep them in the know about issues between platforms.

There were definitely problems on TrainingPeaks side because of AWS outage, see TrainingPeaks Twitter. It should be solved now.