Wahoo kickr erg mode power smooth

Hey guy’s So I have Wahoo Kickr v6, and I always train and ride on ZWift. So there is a setting called erg mode power smoothing in the Wahoo app. So till now, my erg power smoothing was toggled on. So whenever I ride on ZWift and do a custom workout, my erg power smooth toggle helps me stay on the given power number as It adds the amount of resistance depending on the power number set for the workout, and the graph looks clean and straight after finishing the workout.

But when I turn it off, my trainer doesn’t help to stay at the given power on ZWIFT, and my power always stays a little high or low from the power number showing on screen as the real-world power meter will do, and there is also less resistance. So many people say that you should keep it off, as that’ll show you the real numbers. So can anyone explain what the perfect meaning of erg power smoothing is, and does it effect a free ride on ZWift if we keep it toggled on?

Does anyone knows?

My understanding of ERG mode power smoothing is it makes the power data leaving the trainer appear smoother by spitting out a average power for a period of time (ie 3 sec power) but in actuality the power is always bouncing around some. The power output required by you should be the same. GPlama gives a good explanation of power smoothing here… https://youtu.be/7L7hfT0I7E0?si=7zgAxES2zK3uN7mM

Okay so thats means the power i am putting will be the same right? If i toggle it of or on my power will be the same? So it will nor decrease my power right

Correct. Power Smoothing basically makes the data look smoother but what you as the rider are experiencing is the same.