Power Smoothing Not Working

I have a Wahoo Kickr Snap and when power smooth mode is toggled on I do not get power smoothing on Sufferfest. It makes no difference either if the toggle is also on in the settings of Sufferfest.
I’d be grateful if any suggestions. I have been having problems in general with power (feeling like treacle even in warm up) and so have switched to using my power metre pedals and +ant.

You’ve probably done it already but 2 things to check. 1. That you have the latest firmware for the Snap. 2. That you do a 10 min warmup and a spindown calibration using the Wahoo fitness app prior to each and every ride.

Hi Glen,
Yes I have completed both but to no avail. It is does not work.
Im so frustrated. Tried everything it seems.

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If that is the case, I feel your pain and frustration when things don’t work as you expect them to.

When self-diagnosis and troubleshooting fail to resolve the issue then it is time to seek support from the minions. Send an email to theminions@thesufferfest.com they should be able to get you sorted.

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I use the snap. In erg the power jumps all over the place and I do not have a clue what I am riding to. changing smoothing settings makes no difference. The minions assure me my power lines look smooth, but as a tool during a level mode ride, the readings are useless. Look at FF for example. The pacing advise is to do the 20 mins at X % of the 5 min. How do you know?

It’s odd that that is your experience. I had a Kickr Snap and had no issues with ERG mode power smoothing. In the Wahoo app r u set up like in the pic?

Also, in the SUF app do you also have Power Smoothing selected?

FWIW, when I had a snap I followed a pre-ride routine religiously: inflate tire to exact same pressure, tighten knob to exact same place, warm the Snap by easy riding for 10 mins, do a spin down calibration. I did this each and every time.

Do you also have a head unit by any chance? Like a garmin or Wahoo? I ask because if you set up your head unit screens for lap power, and 3 sec avg you can use that as a guide for your 20 min and 5 min pacing. In FF you can do some pre-ride calculations based on the HM results. So, if your HM MAP is 300 then your FF 20 min target would be X% of 300 as a rough target (plus how you’re feeling ie RPE)

Hope this helps.

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JohnGeorge did you get this sorted?
Funnily enough I had this issue today, but I have solved it, at least for me.

First of all it happened that I knew what I had changed before it happened. I am using the Windows 10 version of SUF. Trainer is Kickr Core and connects by FE-C. Power smoothing worked fine and I could turn it on or off within the Sufferfest programme.

I also have a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt head unit and record the data from my BePro pedals on this but do not have it linked to the Kickr Core.
However, I linked the Elemnt Bolt to the Kickr Core, selected Passive Mode, and then was unable to get Power Smoothing to work in The Sufferfest workouts, whether I toggled it on or off.

So I tried toggling ERG Power Smoothing on and off in the Sufferfest App, but also on the Wahoo Utility App on the phone. It didn’t help.

Next I removed the link to the Kickr Core from the Elemnt Bolt and restarted the Elemnt. Plus I turned off Bluetooth on the phone (Android).
Then I opened up the Open 15 workout on the Sufferfest on the PC, removed all the sensors (including heart rate Tickr just for the sake of it), I connected the BePro and used this as a power source with no trainer control. Then I connected the Kickr Core and toggled Power Smoothing on and off. By this time it was working again.

So hopefully you won’t need to do all these steps, but do try disconnecting the Kickr from any head unit you use, turn off Bluetooth on any devices you use, remove all the sensors, then reconnect the Kickr.

I hope this helps solve your issues and I hope it helps the Sufferfest Minions too.

Thanks Glen, That was pretty well how I had my snap set up . Froome’s battle with Quantana up Vontoux shows his data, and my power readings jump the same as his.

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Thank you for the replies, really appreciated.

Following your steps and unfortunately to no avail.
Everything is off, element headset phone and no other bluetooth interference.

You can see at the start of Revolver the graph is jumpy and I have to control cadence to get any where near the power. It feels more like its in level mode than erg and it would feel better to change gears.

  • Whilst in the recovery parts of the workout I have to drop my cadence very low in order to reach the power target, trying to soft pedal as much as possible to bring down power.
  • Heart rate does not really move, so the ERG is not providing the correct resistance.

I have attached pictures of the linked sensors I am using. I made sure no other app was open on my iPad, my phone was off and my wahoo element bolt was also off and not in the room.

Sorry Guys not great on the old uploads, but im sure the above gives you an idea. What is strange is I carried out a wahoo workout on their app and manually controlled erg power targets and the smoothing worked !
It seems an issue between the Kickr and the Sufferfest software. I have also used on my Mac book and its the same problem…!

Looks like it is holding power targets above 200w, what gear are you using? Perhaps it is too high and you are having to reduce cadence to get below the power floor for a given flywheel speed?

I’m in small chainring and the middle of the cassette. One point it is a new mechanism sent by Wahoo as the old mech developed a crazy loud noise. Essentially it’s new really.

Two more suggestions. My first suggestion is to toggle the Trainer Control icon off, then back on in the SUF app. I’ve had SUF lose control of ERG and had to toggle to get it back. The other is to do a Factory Spindown on the Snap. This is different than a regular spin down and I can’t recall the specific instructions for doing it and it may vary depending on the model year of your Snap. Something like tapping the spindown dialogue box 5 times. Have you sent that email to the minions? Also, if you haven’t reached out to Wahoo Support yet, I would. Something is clearly off here.

Thanks Glen,
I have contacted support at Wahoo. I have tried with Zwift also and it’s the same issue. What I don’t understand is when I solely use the wahoo app for a workout and manually set power targets the erg seems correct resistance from the kickr is right and power smoothing works.
Anyway hopefully they will tell us something we don’t know !

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Good luck!

Hi Glen,

Wahoo have agreed the trainer is faulty - after various tests. Whilst we sort. out the return and replacement I’ve bought the new Wahoo Kickr V5, and all is well back in the land of Suffering!
Great piece. of kit.
Thanks for all your support :+1:


Great you have a solution.
Pleased to hear the suffering won’t have to be paused.

Wahoo/SUF is really second to none. I have never had better customer service. Anywhere. Ever.

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