Upcoming Exercises warning in Strength?

I guess like lots of people I don’t have a perfect area to exercise in and need to move around depending on the exercise. It’d be nice to know what was upcoming so we could begin a migration to that part of the room. I have a look at the exercise list in the description beforehand but always forget.


You do get a warning/notice during the “recovery” between exercises. You do have to be pretty quick though sometimes. I guess you’re looking for something at the bottom of the screen like an “Up next: 5 finger death punches”


Yes, exactly. Those gaps just aren’t long enough to recover, look at the next exercise, move to new area, prepare for next exercise. Maybe most people have big enough spaces to stay in one place. I doubt it though. Particularly relevant to the chair exercises: I suspect a lot of people don’t have a nearby solid chair.


Yes, getting back and forth to my chair and in position, even tho it’s close by, is hard to do in the short time-frame in the video.

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Even though my chair is nearby, and set in a position to be easily accessible, I do find that there is not enough time to recover, and position myself to start the next exercise.

As for knowing what comes next, a short term solution would be to print out the list of exercises that is in the notes for the workout.

Yes, I considered that but it changes each week and I don’t want to kill that many trees. Also I sweat like anything by about the push up bit so I’d need to laminate it or buy a clear plastic wallet with a zip etc. I’ve tried this for swimming before and you have to be very very careful to keep it dry.

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Do you have a secondary monitor? You could display it in a large font on the monitor.
I agree that your solution is better, but I am just thinking about short term solutions.