Please add "wall" to equipment list when needed

I’m enjoying the new variety of strength workouts but find it frustrating when the Equipment list is not complete. My regular workout spaces don’t have a blank wall (and I’m sure I am not alone here). I get partway through a workout and then have to pause and pack up my mat, chair, broom stick (I prefer a ski pole!), and move to find a wall with enough empty space to do the reverse fly exercises. This is an issue in Upper Body 2, and probably other Upper Body workouts. It would be great to see the Equipment lists updated to include a wall when it is needed.


Excellent point! We will be sure to inform the minions. I too have run into this problem and completely understand where you are coming from.

Hey minions, add large blank wall to strength workouts that require it!


Thanks coach Corey.

The floor can serve as a “wall”. Easier to roll off of if you’ve got wonky shoulders too.


A good idea. Sounds harder though! Maybe one to progress too.