Connecting cadence sensor

Can’t seem to connect my Garmin cadence sensor to the systm program / app (on my non apple laptop). It pairs with watts and HR just fine. My garmin 830 picks up my cadence just fine too, so I’m thinking it must be bluetoothed. What should I do to make systm pair with cadence?


This may seem dumb, but I’m assuming it’s mounted on the crank. Do you spin the crank when you start up the workout/sensor pairing? I find that even my Wahoo cadence sensor hangs until I backpedal a little bit. Basically the BT doesn’t transmit a pairing packet until it has data to send.

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The 830 could be picking up the cadence sensor using Ant+. R u sure your cadence sensor is dual broadcast? I have an old garmin cadence sensor that is wireless but only transits via Ant+

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Hi Glen, thanks for responding. How can I tell if it’s ANT? just says Garmin on it. It’s maybe 4 or 5 years old. My old 520 and my new 830 pick it up no problem. I have no dongles (!).

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I’m guessing it’s ant+ based on its age and that it’s only getting picked up by your head unit.

You’ll have to either get yourself a dual broadcast cadence sensor or an ant+ dongle and extension cord for the computer to bring the dongle closer to the crank.

Unless the trainer your using either estimates or broadcasts cadence. Then you could use that.

What type of trainer are you using?

BTW, ANT+ is NOT supported in any way, shape, or manner on Android. It’s not supported on any mobile platform for that matter. You have to be on Windows or MacOS.

I’d thought everything worked on blue tooth, so that’s a surprise that I still may have an ant sensor on that cadence sensor. If the fact that my head units can pick up the sensor but not my computer (w9dows) then you are likely right about this. I can understand that now!!! But rather than go old ant tech and buy a doingle, would it work if I just bought a new sensor that is blue tooth instead? BTW thank you very much for helping!!


Now all devices appear to be dual channel. Not so five years ago! However, there are ANT+ to BTLE bridges you can get.
If you are on Windows10/11, you can go out and buy an ANT+ adaptor (dongle). However, if you would feel better, buying a new dual channel sensor might be wiser.

Hmmm I am on my windows laptop for my Systm workouts. I haven’t seen the point in using the phone app as it all seems to work OK on the laptop and from there I can plug in a bigger screen.

BUT I’m only on the first trial week, so may well find a use for the android App at some point. From what you and Glen are saying tho, think I”m going to buy a new sensor that is blue tooth, rather than buy a dongle to make old tech work. Sound good? Maybe I’ve finally got it lol!

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Check your email @ikeaingrid :blush:

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But what type of trainer are you using. Depending on what it is, it may be able to provide cadence for you.

Check the other side of the sensor (cell door). There are icons there, one for ANT+ another for BT, if supported. There are other icons too, but those two are relevant.
You can check how your edge connects to sensor too: go to Sensors → [your sensor] → Sensor details. Connection type reads in Connection Type field.

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FWIW: Samsung specs my S21 and many other of their phones as having ANT+ capability. I used to use ANT+ some years ago with earlier Samsung phones, but AFAIK, no current apps (or perhaps the operating system) utilize that capability.

We’ve been here before. The APPLICATIONS do not support ANT+. The device might, but you have to check if the dongle will work…

just for information, you can use a tablet/phone without ANT+ implemented by using this workaround:

  • get an ANT+stick (I use the regular as well as the small Garmin ones)
  • get a USB-OTG adapter compatible to your Android phone or tablet
  • install the ANT Radio Service and the ANT+ PlugIns from the google play store
    (For compatibility infos of the different ANT+ devices and further instructions you might want to visit
    The ANT+ stick then should work. I at least use(d) this with 5 different Samsung phones and tablets without flaws.

Hey All, Its fixed! I now have a connection to my cadence sensor. I bought a new sensor and put my old ANT+ only sensor on my gravel bike which I only ride outdoors with a head unit that can read it. Perfect, no waste and a relatively economical fix. Thanks to all who helped me diagnose and figure out how best to tackle the problem. I think there were 6 of you, I do feel special :)) @Glen.Coutts ; @macnuts ; janis.denning ; CPT_A ; Klausk ; Saddlesaur (only allowed to mention 2) Its great to know you are out ther ready to help!


Nice! Always happy to help (others suffer :wink: ).

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That will allow the service to exist. None of the current SYSTM mobile applications support ANT+.


Sorry, my fault.
You are right, ANT+ does not work with SYSTM on Android. I might have mixed it up with Zwift.