Using ERG mode

Hey all,

I am new to this platform and coming from Zwift. I really enjoyed that I can have my kickr control the resistance based on the targeted watts for that interval. Is there anyway to do that with this platform? TIA

There sure is. Run any video and when you connect your trainer in under the settings section, just put it in erg rather than level mode and you’ll be sorted.

Some videos are better run in level mode but they are few and far between. Full Frontal, the fitness test, is the exception. And the Half Monty fitness test requires the first half in erg and the 2nd half in level mode.


thank you!

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No problem. Let us know if you get stuck, I can’t take screenshot as am currently away from home but someone else probably can

I’m just getting everything set up tonight for tomorrow mornings first workout. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Thanks again!


Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. You know perfectly well that ALL videos are better run in level mode. Preferably on rollers. With cool socks.


Hahaha, well, the cool socks are compulsory. Or maybe nice warm merino ones if it’s very cold. I don’t ride rollers, though. Bookcases are an endangered species now, and I don’t want to cause the final extinction :rofl:

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