New to it (again) and looking for pointers

Hi all. After a stint with a Tacx I returned it as the ERG mode wasn’t working. I now have a shiny new Kickr Snap and am looking for some pointers on just getting started (again). Can you please help?:

  1. The only way I can see to access a workout is go to Library > Cycle and then I’m presented with hundreds of sessions…how can I assess what’s right for me?

  2. I found ERG mode not working on the Tacx pretty frustrating for the type of fitness plan I was hoping to get into last time (intervals, etc). Can anyone please suggest a session I can try out that requires ERG mode and will allow me to see if it is working this time?

  3. How do I know when a session requires ERG mode or a level mode (and for that matter, which level mode)? I just trialled a session called Half Easy (which was fully hard for me!) and ERG mode was on by default, but it was putting a crazy amount of resistance on for the sprint sections. I assume this session was meant to be done in a level mode setting? How would I have known?

  4. I want a plan. As someone starting all over again, can anyone tell me a) where I find the plans, and b) which might be good for essentially a novice starting all over again, both from a fitness and learning perspective?

Happy new year everyone. Thanks for your time getting me started and I can’t wait to be back up and running with this.


  1. What do you want to achieve? Where are you now, e.g. rider type, goals, etc.

  2. All the videos can be in ERG. I’d recommend something like The Way Out, Getting Away With It to get used to the ERG control without stressing you out.

  3. There is a list available online (hopefully someone else has the link) but from my experience you can do all workouts in level mode. As you have already discovered, shorter sprint types don’t suit ERG. Nearly everything else will suit ERG.

  4. What do you want to achieve? Do you have a goal or a race coming up? Different plans for different goals. Have you done Full Frontal to freshen up your 4DP numbers recently?

@Peghead Try the Fitness Kickstarter plan. On the left menu select plans. I have attached a screen shot showing how to select that plan. I included yoga and the mental toughness program but you can deselect those if they don’t interest you. However, I would recommend both as the MTP will help you set goals and the yoga is great to start working on your flexibility, core strength and posture.


Hi Titanicus,

Thanks for the quick response. Right now, I just want to improve fitness generally and maybe in the process get back in shape a little. Rider type: Attacker. I’ve no events or anything to train for - I wouldn’t feel confident just now. My 4DP is definitely out of date. So do I need to start there? So, any starting points you’d recommend for fitness and confidence building generally please?

Okay, thanks. I’ll try the ERG mode on those sessions.


Thank you!!

I’d follow what @JSampson wrote with the possible proviso of doing the FF prep week first, or at least Half Monty (if not already included in the Kickstarter plan) if you feel that your 4DP is wildly inaccurate.

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@Peghead Many of the sessions will include an advisory in the description recommending level mode if your trainer doesn’t adjust power quickly. As @titanicus said - generally sprint workouts should be on level mode. Sometimes you can get away with using ERG but you have to be careful not to get ahead of the cadence coming into the shift in power.

Also, check this article out on gear selection:

ERG Mode Gear Selection