Using Wahoo KICKR and SUF for hip rehab

I am having my torn hip labrum surgically repaired in a couple of weeks. The plan is to work range of motion without bearing weight and light spinning is on the menu. What is the best way to set extremely light resistance (like almost none) on the KICKR through The Sufferfest app? I’d rather watch some of the inspiration videos than Netflix, but I’d still need to know how to dial the resistance back if I do that, too.


@Luckylab The fail safe option is probably level mode in your easiest gears for full control of the resistance. Good luck on your recovery.

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I also use the wahoo app or my bolt to control the kickr by inputting watts directly.

Post accident I set the resistance using the wahoo app to 35w and did 15 min sessions. Each session I’d increase 5w and really focus on the effort each leg is doing, imagining each muscle group in my bag leg working on each rotation in an attempt to get everything to activate.

It worked well, I think.

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