Here’s the league code for the 2021 event that’s a lot like the Tour de France 334758613. I think you get included automatically if you were in it last year. Happy picking!

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@JamesT Thanks - Fluffy’s Favorites is on the team bus and headed to the event.

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Not long left to finalize your choices. Wondering how many more times I’ll change my team before the start. Nope, I’m done. I think…

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Ready and raring to go!!

Still time to get your teams in for La Vuelta!

@JamesT - it’s going down to the wire… Could go either way tomorrow!

Fancy another duel in Tour of Britain?

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Ha, can’t say I’ve been tracking the league, or even my team, as I just threw a bunch of random Spanish speakers in at the last minute. Haven’t checked out the ToB game yet.

Well it’s a tactic that’s paid off!

@JamesT I was too late to join La Vuelta but did make an entry for the Tour of Britain. This time I made sure not to pick a rider that was leaving for the Olympics half way through the tour.