Very high watts on Kickr Bike Shift

So, I am 68, asthmatic, not super fit right now. I recently purchased the Kickr Bike Shift. A short while ago, I had a workout where i hit 1650 Watts, something I have never done. Today I hit 2000 watts. Nice number, but does not make sense. Anyone else experience this?

Nice!! Lol! I’ve experienced those insane wattage spikes with a power meter I used to have. I have a Kickr '18 and haven’t had spikes at all. If anything, on a rare occasion, I’ll get power dropouts.

Are you on the latest firmware? Did you feel a difference during the session? Is it possible you’ve got some interference?

FWIW, I wouldn’t worry too much about the odd anomaly, but if this was happening regularly, I’d contact the support minions.


It happened a few times on a KICKR CORE. Interesting to say the least.

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