To all Kickr Bike Owner


just wanna ask fellow Kickr Bike Owners on this forum whether do you encounter any problem with your left shifter when using the Kickr Bike after updating the Bike and migrating from Sufferfest to Systm.

I can’t seem to use the left shifter problem but there is no problem with the slope inclination buttons on the top.

Thank you so much


Hey, I have no help for you (though I do envy you that you have the Kickr Bike :heart:) just wanted you to know I moved your question to the Equipment category.

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Thank you so much Sir. I kind of sold off my bike so I dont own any bike. hahaha. The Kickr Bike is my only workout equipment

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Well if you’re gonna have one piece of equipment that’s a great one!

Feel free to tell me to take a flying %#£& at a rolling donut but is there a reason you don’t ride outdoors? Curiosity is killing me.

Hahahaha. No worries. More than happy to share.

Bought the last bike just because it looks nice (super bad mistake) without any fitting. Ended up with a frame too big. Whole body (ie. Numb balls, lower back aching) was aching and can’t last more than 30 mins.

Secondly, abused my body with too much junk food and lying on couches from my 20s-30. And the effectiveness of sufferfest was the major factor for me in purchasing the Kickr Bike.

Thirdly, I am located in Malaysia. Government imposed lock down twice and limited the amount of people which can ride together at any one time. So alot of people (me included) still dont really ride outside. (One group of cyclist which I tend to ride with were all tested positive with Covid after a ride).

Lastly, there is a major shortage of bicycle supplies (frame, components etc) and it is even harder for me to order a bike frame of my size (I need a XXS frame because of my short height).

So the only option for me is to get the Kickr Bike.

The Kickr Bike has been unbelievable when I was using the Sufferfest App. But ever since I migrated to the Systm App, there seems to be alot of problem .

Hope i cured your curiosity.



You did. Thanks for sharing. I hope that the SYSTM issues for you get resolved sooner than later. I also hope the bike part shortage gets fixed too. While you await responses from other Kickr Bike owners, you may want to reach out to the minions directly by submitting a ticket


Thank you so much Sir for taking the trouble to shift my post to the relevant section.

Just to share how bad the shortage problem in Malaysia. The latest Dogma F frame will be delivered earliest on March next year (what I gathered from the owner of a local Pinarello dealer).


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Oh believe me I know about the shortage. I live in Canada and my LBS told me in the spring of this year, that a bike I was interested in MIGHT be available in the spring of 2022 but there was no guarantee.

I wanted to get a couple of Shimano 105 11 speed chains and my LBS said they had no ETA for when I might get those. I was able to source a couple (at an inflated cost) online but even that was a way bigger challenge than it needed to be. Similar thing with getting a couple of 160mm brake rotors (ended up overpaying for them on EBay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I’m glad you’re able to suffer appropriately indoors :smiling_imp: and I raise a glass of Real Pagne in the hopes that this CoVid craziness comes to an end soon. It’s all the wrong kind of suffering.


Damn…I heard alot of people are overpaying for components too. Even Brompton are sold out in Malaysia (which is crazy expensive when there are super cheap alternatives available)

I raise my glasses too, wishing this Covid Craziness end soon. Cant wait to travel and see my family and friends.

Most importantly, you stay safe Sir. Suffer ON!!!


Haven’t had a problem, 17 months & 14k km. I’m sure you have tried but have you swapped the connectors around and/or cleaned them? I’ve seen a few people mention a problem and raised a ticket with Wahoo.

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Systm loses a bit of functionality on the kickr (intensity and jumping levels/erg).

I did have a problem with the left shifting but it was limited to one video (can’t remember which one) but the every other one has been fine

I love the bike and do consider it worth the investment. It’s awesome. I’m sure Wahoo will improve the integration with the app/videos over time.


not sure if this same issue you have but here goes…
short answer:
try applying affected shifter’s brake then quickly releasing a few times, it seemed to free what appeared to be a stuck button.

long answer:
after 18mths no issues I had a left shifter issue about 3 weeks ago, but for 4 weeks prior I had only done ERG workouts so not used left shifter. I noticed the issue when setting bike up for my wife to use Di2 Synchro in the Wahoo app. The gears stepped through from 1-3 to 2-11, then neither shifter worked (left shifter effectively down shifting constantly). Unplugging left shifter enabled right shifter to operate normally.
Switch to default Di2 and gears step 1-3 to 2-3, but I think the right shifter was ok to use up and down.
Reported to Wahoo Support who suggested cleaning plugs and checked for any damage to plugs or ports. Left did not work in any port, right worked in every port. They then sent out a replacement bar assembly (bar tape and cables looked fresh but steerer tube showed signs of slipping height adjuster quick release), the left shifter had same issue.
Before each ERG workout I rechecked left shifter, on one occasion it worked for a single change then stopped again and this seemed to coincide with me operating the brake. This repeated a few times (apply brake and quickly release) before the shifter began working again normally.
During the latter tests I updated firmware via Wahoo app to v1.23.0 and that briefly displayed an orange “shifter error” message but left shifter issue remained for several more iterations on latest firmware.
Left shifter down button stuck so up button press is immediately overridden causing default Di2 to remain in big ring. For Di2 Synchro, the override impact the right shifter too causing gears to step through to hardest gear.
Not sure on cause as sweat ingress is minimised with usual sweat catcher, bar towel, cycling cap, and big fan, so possibly increased humidity during session and lower usage compared to right shifter?

I’m thinking of buying a Kickr Bike and this caught my attention. What exactly do you mean by “intensity and jumping levels/erg”? Are you saying that you can’t adjust these during workouts like you can with direct drive trainers?

The Kickr Bike has buttons on the insides of each of the hoods. In Sufferfest, you could use those buttons to switch from erg to level, as well as to adjust the intensity of levels. It was kind of a hassle, actually, because the buttons were sensitive and it wasn’t unusual to accidentally mash yourself out of erg mode, or out of your selected level, when deep in the pain bucket. In Systm, those buttons aren’t programmed to do that. Consequently, pressing them does nothing and you must tap the screen or use a keyboard shortcut to mess around with erg and level.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation, much appreciated. So it’s basically now the same as with a trainer i.e. use keyboard to change mode and levels. That’s fine for me. Looks like the previous shortcut buttons on the hoods were a mixed blessing.


I didn’t have the hassle of accidentally hitting the “thumb” buttons but I can definitely see how that could occur.

The level/erg was handy for those vids that have long intervals (I like erg) and short ones (level is the way to go).

Still love the bike though. Way better than my fluid and direct drive.

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