Video with pistons

Which workout video has the snippet of a brick wall on top and pistons underneath showing how your body should be.

My daughter is learning to ride and is pumping her whole body back and forward on any hills, I want to show her this as an example of how she should be.

I think it’s power station



I think it is goat too, it is a very effective visual

Thought it was G.O.A.T. but I had a quick skim through and missed it. Guess I might just have to ride it to find it. Thanks

You could also show her “Elements of Style”.

I thought it was Butter.

Maybe it’s in a few of them?

This is from G.O.A.T. At around the 24:12 mark. It was surprisingly hard to find by skimming thru even tho I know that part well and just did it yesterday.