Virtual Shifting, Zwift Play, KickR V3 2017

Does anyone know whether Zwift Play virtual shifting is compatible with older Wahoo KickR models (eg V3 from 2017). Would like to try Zwift with virtual shifting rather than mechanical which is always a noisy cludgy experience on my setup.

Or - are there any other solutions to virtual shifting?

I’ve ready that Wahoo are working on some backward compatibility with Zwift Click but not going back as far as 2017 models.

While I’m asking - any reviews of Zwift Play?

Here’s a review from DC

I don’t know how far back The Company is able to go on compatibility.

I’m on an '18 myself and coveting the Kickr Move. FWIW, I plan on winning it in the Wahoolimabob Tour this year! :pray:


I’ve only seen mention of eventual support for V4, V5, and V6.

I don’t have the Zwift Play, but I’ve been following the Zwift forums this winter season. Seen enough complaints there that I’d give it some second thoughts. Keep in mind that it is a beta product, but given that virtual shifting is coming to more Wahoo trainers now, I don’t think they can abandon it, so hopefully it will continue to get improved. (I also wonder if Wahoo will partner in this effort now that they have a bit of a connection to it? I gather Wahoo is going to help with increasing the distribution channel of the Cog/Click, so I wonder if that may also include the Play at some point.)

The majority of complaints regarding the Play controllers that I have read are frequent dropouts mid-ride (for some this is fixed by keeping them plugged in to power all the time), stuck braking mid-ride (and only way to fix is to remove the Zwift Play, this would be maddening mid-race or mid-workout).

Also, I think you need to have most everything BLE connected if you want to use the Play controllers.

Keep in mind, the forums are usually sought out by those having issues, so no way of knowing how many people are perfectly happy with the Play controllers!


I guess it depends on more factors. My controllers have been flawless and I bought them way back the day they came out. With virtual shifting, I’m never going back, I love them and I think they’re much better than the Click option.

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