Vo2 Decrease how adapte plan training

Hello i am 59 years old my challenge is col like ventoux liseran. I has already last year did ventoux cime de la bonnette vars couillole. I did after Climbing plan. So good. My question is actually I am in climbing plan 2:1 with strenght and yoga I do outdoor once a week 2hour with 1:30 at seuil. My Vo2 Decrease 34 to 31 (garmin) do you think I remove by week an exercice suffer or tempo or endurance or I continue because we Hope surcompensation thanks for your help and sorry for poor english

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This is a good question. I’d like to hear from some experienced riders and trainers on this. It’s too bad the raft of coaches have been let loose and don’t seem to be active here, anymore. But there’s definitely a wealth of experience I’m hoping will be able to jump in here and help you.

How far along are you in your current climbing training plan?

@Legros Just continue with the plan. I wouldn’t worry about the reading as it may not be accurate and it isn’t as pertinent to your goal anyway.


Hello I started my climbing plan 20 february it followed a « all purpose plan ». My goal is 15 may thé ventoux. My optimal Vo2 is 34 when I succeded in Summer 23 my challenges v02 stayed at 34 until december White I to training. Since it decrease I stop training one week in january Hope to have surcompensation but not so I continue
I m not feel tired I increase my performance compared last year on same routes but I wonder if I do well.

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Ok thanks I continue

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Garmin is guessing your vo2 max based on your last few rides and there’s relative intensity not because of a true measurement, so don’t read to much into it.
Better to stick to the plan as advised above


Ok I understand you are right thanks

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