Wahoo Kickr Bike erg mode - power slow

The resistance when in erg mode is slow matching required watts, on a workout I was at 90 watts then the 30 second wats required was 550 watts I increased the cadence to 120 rpm, but the power stayed at 90 although the power was showing 550 there was no increase in resistance? what is going wrong? since this has happened the erg mode is not reacting to the watts shown ie 200 watts required power input is very slow in matching those watts.

Hey @Chris1956, welcome to the forums. If you haven’t already, you should definitely put in a direct support request so your specific circumstances can be properly troubleshooted. The CS team, while they do lurk around here, aren’t always as quick to catch these things in their public forum


That is definitely not how my old KICKR Bike V1 reacts to changes in ERG mode power - the bike ramps up power in ERG mode about as fast as I do in level mode during 10-second AC intervals. Not sure if that says more about the bike or me…

But definitely contact support, what you are experiencing is not right.


My KICKR Bike V1 reacts about as you describe, @Chris1956 , but ONLY if I ramp up the cadence to something above 90+ rpm just before it hits the power increase. It’s not absolute at a set number that I can specify, maybe more like 93-95??
But it clearly slows the ERG demand if I do that. I found early on that I have to stay closer to something BELOW 90rpm until the ERG demand is ramping up, which in the case of big power intervals is usually enough that I won’t quickly outrun the demand again and see the ERG power soften up.
It’s been my experience that there is an unstated but clear range of cadence that will be satisfactory to SYSTM and the KICKR Bike, and keep them working in harmony with the workout target.
If I exceed that unstated rpm range (that I suspect is 90+/- some amount ) by too much EITHER WAY, you will see different behavior. If you’re exceeding it too much, the ramp-up will be very slow (in fact, I don’t think it will ever get there if the interval isn’t a long one and you keep exceeding that unstated range) OR if you are too far BELOW the unstated range of rpm, it’s my experience that you WILL hit the dreaded spiral of death if the ramp-up amount is too high for you to meet the demand (like when I was only doing 65rpm and it jumped up the demand) I’ve usually been able to destroy myself enough to recover and get back up to speed on those spirals, but it costs FAR MORE than the displayed watts will ever show that I put out.
But my LEGS KNOW what they did! :slight_smile:
(If I make sure I’m closer to maybe 80-85rpms when the demand jumps, I don’t usually have problems.)
That’s my experience, anyway, and it may be different for others, but I never contacted support because I figured that’s just the way SYSTM works. You might try what I’ve done and see if it makes a difference.
If you do find out differently, please post back with what you learn.

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