Power Surge: Does my Kickr need calibration?

I do most of my riding in Erg mode and about once a week now, in the middle of my workout I get this massive power surge (c. 2,000+ watts). It’s just momentary but it screws up my power and speed averages data :frowning:
Wondering if I need to do a regular calibration spin-down to prevent it happenning? I used to do this when using the old basic wahoo app, but can find no mention in the knowledge base for how to do it in the SYSTM app, or whether in fact that would cure these power surges.

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What version of Kicker do you have? I’ve got the Kickr '18 and it’s the last model that recommends biweekly spindown calibration that I do pretty conscientously. I do NOT get those power surges.

If you have an '18 or earlier def do a calibration regularly. If you have a newer model, then reach out to Support cuz that’s just not right.

I use the wahoo fitness app to do that though.

Instruction for how to do the spindown if needed are here:

OK, thanks. I just couldn’t find this info even though I spent a lot of time searching. So the fitness app is the one I used to use, and can handle that, but does that mean it will be calibrated to the SYSTM app? I guess it must mean that. I have an early model kickr, either 1st or 2nd gen, I don’t know if it’s an '18. Think I got it around 2016 (when Team Sky used them in Mallorca and made training videos with GCN - they looked uber cool and I wanted to buy one lol)

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I’ve been around this app and the forums for a while, and I’m a google genius when it comes to finding stuff on the internet. I’m not sure which version you have but I think the '18 actually came out in 2018.

I’ve always just used the Wahoo Fitness App for calibration and yes, it calibrates the trainer itself so the resistance applied is consistent and accurate regardless of which app you end up using eg. SYSTM, RGT, Zwift etc

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Not sure they would be a calibration issue. Is the firmware up to date? Any changes to the pain cave that could be causing interference? New fan, bike computer, phone, computer etc?

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Erm…firmware? How do I do that? Am I supposed to download something?
My only change is that I now use the laptop instead of the phone to work the trainer. Maybe that’s the reason, but as I haven’t been doing anything about firmware, it’s more likely causing the trouble I suppose.
Would you be able to point me to some instructions? I can’t find anything in the knowledge base.

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Just like doing the spin down, you need to use either the iOS or Android apps. But here is the link for firmware updates.

It’s possible that your Kickr might need calibration. Calibration is a process that helps ensure that your Kickr is accurately measuring your power output and replicating the resistance of the terrain you’re riding on. It’s generally a good idea to calibrate your Kickr every few months, or if you notice that it’s not providing the correct level of resistance or is otherwise not performing as expected.

To calibrate your Kickr, you’ll need a power meter or a device that can accurately measure your power output, such as a cycling computer or a smartphone app. You’ll also need a calibration weight or a set of weights that you can use to apply a known load to the Kickr.

To begin the calibration process, first make sure that your Kickr is properly set up and that it’s connected to the device you’ll be using to measure your power output. Next, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer or refer to the user manual for your Kickr to learn how to initiate the calibration process. This will typically involve applying a load to the Kickr using the calibration weight and following the prompts on your device to complete the calibration.

It’s important to note that the calibration process can be somewhat complex, and it may take some trial and error to get it right. If you’re having trouble calibrating your Kickr, you might want to try reaching out to the manufacturer or a local bike shop for additional assistance.