Wahoo POWRLINK Zero dual over reading ALOT

Hi there, I’ve finally taken the plunge in getting the POWRLINK ZERO dual pedals. Installed correctly. Calibrated a number of times. Firmware is up-to-date. But the pedals just over-read hugely indoors and outdoors

Comparing to my kickr, which is fairly close to reliable based on other PMs on past bikes, the difference is enormous. Would be fine if nearish, but it isn’t.

Kickr/POWRLINK example power comparison

Any thoughts on what I could do to change this?!

Welcome to the forum @Leejdavies .

Have you checked that your crank length is set correctly? I don’t know if an incorrect crank length is enough to explain the offset you’re seeing, but it is at least an easy thing to check.

After that, I’d suggest contacting Wahoo customer support: https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us

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I have tested this, yes. Set to my crank length, 172.5. I have tried a few different lengths and re-calibrating on the trainer to see if any settings got closer to my actual data numbers, but no luck.

Just did another outdoor ride, claibrating it before and also after 15mins of riding. And I think it’s worse now. 507w np for 70mins :joy:

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You may want to submit a support request directly with Wahoo Support. They do occasionally peruse the forums, but if no users have good suggestions you will want to contact them directly.


Thanks — I’ve just done that. :crossed_fingers:


I’ve love to delete this thread if possible, turns out I was being stupid and hadn’t reinstalled the pedals with the washers. Hence the crazy data. :man_facepalming:

So, to everyone with Wahoo power pedals. Use the washers to install.


Au contraire, this thread could be invaluable to someone in the same boat as you were !

If it’s happened once, it’ll happen again (and probably has already, many times). Glad you found the solution.