Having a devil of a time with my POWRLINK pedals

I have a new set of POWRLINK Zero dual-sided pedals & experiencing odd behaviour, particularly with the left pedal.

The left pedal exhibits connectivity issues and its battery inexplicably discharges an order of magnitude faster than the right. I’ll charge it for a long time, like overnight, and it only reaches 90%. When I reconnect the charging cable less than an hour later it will only show 40% charge on the app. Disconnect & reconnect the cable a few minutes later it’s now 60%.

They connected to my ROAM when I first installed them. Then, on this most recent ride they just wouldn’t connect. I selected to forget them on the ROAM and went to re-pair them, but just absolutely uncooperative. Not pairing at all now.

Getting frustrated. These things weren’t cheap & TBH I had higher quality expectations than this.

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@rcoppens Reach out directly to support. They may not see your post here.

I am having the same issue. Bought the pedals earlier this year. Right pedal charges fully; left maxes out at around 40% after a night of charging. Last such charge was week ago, and I just rode them for the first time. Neither the app nor the head unit (Garmin Edge 1040) were able to find either pedal. Just tried again pairing the pedals after having the app forget them. Right pedal lit up and shows 100% charge while left pedal is flashing red and showing 1% charge.

@Traugia Definitely reach out to Wahoo Support. That doesn’t sound right.

Thanks @JSampson - following posting this, I did just that and they were thoroughly helpful.


@Traugia - contacting customer support is definitely the route to take here. My initial set (and yours too by the sound of it) was faulty. Well, our left pedals were anyway.

After working through a few things they ended replacing the set. The new set works flawlessly. Both charge in the same way, both connect to the app and the Roam head unit seamlessly, both discharge at the expected rate (which is to say very slowly - this replacement set are at 80% charge after four weeks of 8-10 hours riding/week), both return data in the same way. Completely different experience. Much more satisfied.


Thanks Roland, I really appreciate your comment. I have heard back from support today and as you said, they are walking me through a number of obvious issues. I anticipate that they will end up exchanging these pedals for a new set. I must say also that these petals have, a much better battery life than the SRM X-Power pedals that I have used so far. These work just fine but need to be recharged very often. Regards, David.