Wahoo System Windows app dropping connection to Kickr Core during workout

Looking for help. I’m using Wahoo SYSTM on laptop (Windows 11) with Kickr Core. During some workouts, the connection is dropping between the app and the turbo and power/cadence drops to zero. Can anyone suggest reasons why it’s happening and how I can resolve? Thanks. David

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Hey Sir David, here are some questions and maybe some potential answers or at least things to try…

One workout or all workouts?

SYSTM only or also with other apps?

Downloaded or streaming (try downloading)?

Bluetooth or Ant+?

If Bluetooth, is there possibly some interference? Some other device, or devices trying to nab the connection?

If Ant+ are you using a dongle alone, or with an extension cord to bring the dongle as close to the trainer as possible.

Where is the laptop in relation to the trainer? In front of you? Have you tried it beside you? I’m told that may help.

Fans? Have you tried moving them?

Thanks Glen, I will try those suggestions this evening.

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