Wahoo systm

hello, my partner want to join my home trainer programm, is it possible to share the same subscription but with different account in order to do not mix the progress and the dtats.

Log out and have them create a new account. They would need their own subscription. I’m not sure if Wahoo offers discounts for multiple accounts in the same household.

As @Sir_Brian_M has stated, to not mix the accounts then they would need to log out and log in to a different account.
There is no means for more than one person to (legally/without a massive faff) share a single subscription and at present there aren’t discounted multi-user subscriptions.

This is something I think they should be looking to provide, though. I have a 9 year old who would like to make some use of my trainer setup and his older sister and mother might also, but at the moment they’re certainly not committed enough to warrant more subscriptions. A family plan, though, would be a no-brainer.


I think only ROUVY has a family plan. You can register two family members for free to your own account. This doesn’t have to be what Wahoo should do, but they should definitely look into this. A lot of us have kids that want to ride once in a while but not enough to have to pay another full membership.


In ZWIFT kids up to an age of 15 or 16 train completely for free. The parents just have to apply for it.


Hoping to get a family subsctiption too. Rouvy has up to 4 persons in one subscripton, FulGaz has +1 user with annual subscription. I would buy SYSTM for a year, if I get +1 user. Until then my wife uses still my account lowering power before every training.

A feature I’m still missing in systm and that has been available in the Sufferfest App is switching accounts. You only had to log in once and could easily switch between accounts without having to enter credentials every time. Really handy when sharing your trainer and PC with other people.

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RGT has a profile switcher page, too. So maybe it’ll integrate into SYSTM, soon-ish.