Syncing System to Wahoo Fitness

Hi, need help syncing my workouts in Wahoo System to the Wahoo Fitness app, any advice please.

Interestingly, I don’t think you can at the moment, though I’d be happy to be wrong.

What is most interesting is in the Wahoo Fitness App, it suggests you can

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Yeah ok thanks, so to view all your indoor and outdoor rides in the one app, do you use Strava or some other 3rd party app?

I would use Strava or free training peaks for workload tracking and historical data until Systm has something similar native in the app. The other benefit of Strava (free or premium) is literally every system out their will sync with it, so if you decide to us a different head unit or training system you can aggregate your historical riding data very easily.

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+1 for Strava as a repository for all workouts. You can even import Apple fitness workouts into it.

Yeh, I use Strava, but I also use , and Garmin Connect

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It’s not there yet but…stay tuned!


Thanks for all the feedback!

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What is this …

… you are talking about? :neutral_face:

I’m assuming it’s the ability to sync SYSTM to the wahoo fitness app since that’s the OP’s topic


I’ve learnt my lesson making assumptions. And notably when other factors appear.

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Glen is correct. I’m referring to the original topic of SYSTM rides showing up on Wahoo Fitness app.

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@David.McQuillen.KoS , for those like me who originally had different accounts for The Sufferfest vs Wahoo, is there any hope in having the two accounts linked? I’ve tried linking my two email accounts in my Wahoo profiles, but I still cannot get my Wahoo Fitness (and app) account (registered originally with an email) linked with my Sufferfest/SYSTM one (another domain name).

I’m in a bit of a Wahoo account token hell, as I cannot properly/fully login/logout from different Wahoo web sites - I’m always logged in with one of the two accounts…

I’m not sure what to do or who to ask for help.



Hot is up here and we will help:

I reached out to Wahoo Support, and received this answer:

Thanks for reaching out to Wahoo Fitness Support.

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to merge the account information so that you will be able to see all of it under one account - the workouts listed under the outlook email address will remain to be separate.

What you can do, is if you log out of the outlook account in the ELEMNT/Wahoo apps, and log into your SYSTM email account, all of the workouts that you perform going forward will appear in all of the applications.

So while this is a go-forward solution, it will not carry over my ELEMNT/Fitness app history.