Family packs

Hey Minions

Have you thought about doing a family pack so that everyone can suffer? Other (lesser) apps do it. Will Sufferfest please?


Family packs would be interesting as I have my daughter using SUF right now.

out of interest - what kind of offers to other indoor cycling platforms have so we can get a sense of it?

I know Zwift don’t (or didn’t) when I used it. But I’ve never looked at the others so would be cool to know

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Rouvy allow 3 users on a premium plan. From memory they also limit total devices to 5.


Zwift have free child accounts for those under 16.
Of my three kids, two are Zwifters.
This, by the way, makes for a fantastic reason to convince my SO that we need more trainers and expand the Torture Chamber. :smirk:


My son uses the free zwift account. Its great for getting them on the turbo trainer.


Yeah - minors get a year free thing is handy for specific ages - full price though if your kids are older. Still a ‘thing’ though eh that could be a useful future tool for us

Rouvy - that’s interesting - I’m sure two or three people could manage with 5 devices :slight_smile:
Def worth knowing about - and around the same cost (not going there Obvs !!)



My wife and son currently use a Rouvy family account. I don’t, for obvious reasons. Think SF would do well in getting younger talent into the national team if it did the same thing.

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Hopefully SUF allows the yearly plan to tag along a family member in the future… especially those spouse who occasionally ride to get a feel of the torture chamber…


I would love a scaled down/reduced price kids’ account, especially in the event that schools close again this year or PE is modified to an at-home independent study project. At the very least the latter looks likely for us, and we have snowy winters here in the northeast US.

My son found zwift boring, and I think he would appreciate the sufferlandrian sense of humor. Even if it was a limited number of rides + beginner yoga + beginner strength. It’s going to remain important to support a healthy immune system as we head into fall/winter!

Michelle R.


I have the same issue and with only one trainer it isn’t like we are going to ride at the same time. Unless there is a family plan I am avoiding the platforms. The issue with Rouvy though is the lack of quality in the app’s but I have figured out what to do to work around the problems for now.

Hopefully Sufferfest listens to these posts and comes up with an option.

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BigRingVR offers family subscription.

A great idea actually.
E.g. my wife enjoys some sessions time to time, like Open one with footage from Mike (Col Collective), Elements of Style and a few others - could be nice to give her ability to have her own records. We are not considering getting another account thou, as she trains rather sporadically.

Any update on this?
I’m new and still looking around what software to use for my son and me. Apparently Rouvy and Zwift are the only ones to offer some kind of family plan.


I’d also be interested. My wife is just starting to get into cycling and having a way for her to piggyback on my subscription for a lower cost would be great. Also, my son sometimes uses the trainer, but very rarely so I just have him use Zwift…would be great if I could keep him in the Wahoo ecosystem for those few rides a year…


Yes, you can’t bring this topic back up often enough. Family accounts exist across the board, not just on well-known training platforms. You can also see how they are calculated on Amazon prime, Spotify, Rouvy, Zwift and others.
If you analyze the topic, you will see that there is always a power user and the rest of the family swims along. In terms of AppleTV, the family will also use the same end device, probably also the same ergometer. For the strength and yoga sessions, the kids will surely use their own smartphones or even their own influencers :slight_smile:


Agree, I will have to end my Wahoo subscription at renewal as my spouse and kids need the opportunity to participate. Other platforms with inferior features or content win because my family has to play along otherwise it just won’t fit into our lives.

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I mean, there are fairly easy workarounds for this in SYSTM, they just end up being a tiny bit annoying/unwieldy, but actually not significantly more work in anything other than the short-term than any other multi-user system.

I absolutely agree that family membership should be a thing, if it was then I’d take it up immediately mostly for my son, but for the time being I use SYSTM and he uses RGT in my profile.

The immediate workaround would simply be for each person to do a 4DP then pick their immediate training plan on a few days running/separated.
You can have multiple training plans running concurrently and they will be shown in different colours, so it will be easy to determine whose is which.
Instead of logging one user out and another in, you just restore your 4DP profile before doing your ride.

It’s nowhere near as nice as being able to have distinct profiles, but as the functional behaviour just requires flipping between 4DP profiles it’s actually not significantly more (or any more) work than a log-out/log-in process.

Which still doesn’t detract from the fact a family subscription would be a nice and logical addition, but for me I wouldn’t see it as a reason to change to another platform.

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Always a shame when people move but that’s I guess one if these things. We all have choice.

There’s only one platform that ‘do’ family plans and I guess that was them trying to differentiate a bit (Rouvy).
Zwift don’t, RGT didn’t before they were bought by wahoo, not aware if any of the others doing one.
(Noting that Zwift allow under-16’s for free but not two adults)

So I’d say it’s pretty uncommon in the indoor bike training world at the moment, even if every platform has a request thread in their own forums.

Hope it works out with a different platform though.

I’d like to be able to join my wife and I to the same account. She doesn’t ride nearly as much as I do (once in a very blue moon), but it would be nice and an added incentive to get her on the trainer. She said she’d do it with me. We have two wahoo kickrs, a snap and a regular model, so it would work nicely for the two of us to ride together at the same time.

@Joshua That is possible for RGT but not SYSTM. It is definitely a request that they are aware of. Not sure of the status.

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