Wahoo Tickr X issues

Hey all, I’m having some issues with the Tickr X. The accuracy of the HR is wildy out. Sometimes on a run it will start very low, then creep up suddenly to what looks like an accurate reading, then fall back to something 50% of what it should be.

I have checked that this is not my heart causing the issue.

I’ve used it on both my Rival watch, iPhone and iPad, tried disconnecting, reconnecting, used it whilst using BT headphones and without to reduce any interference, and changed the batteries.

This is the same whether I’m running with the Rival, or using it on Sufferfest / Systm.

I’m out of ideas.

Anyone had any similar issues they’re been able to rectify?


Have you washed the belt with warm water and soap? It might help.
Otherwise, open a ticket to Wahoo support.

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I’ll give it a go - thanks

Just checking but be sure you are NOT using the Duracell with the coating on it.

Not that I’m aware of. I’ve got a new battery ordered and will try that tomorrow. Thanks


Mine did the same after while, with very low reading. I realised it was due to not fitting as tightly as used to. After adjusting size the HR correlated to watch, hope this helps.

Ok thanks, I’ll certainly give that a go, and I hadn’t actually thought of that!