Tickr HR inconsistent

My Ticker HR monitor is acting up, either low readings or sometimes high. I’ve replaced the battery which didn’t help. Is it time to replace?

Have you cleaned the popper contacts that click it on to the strap?

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Also check the strap for snug fit? They tend to slip over time I’ve found.

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More than likely your Tickr is just fine and the problem is the HR belt. I have thrown away 2 Tickrs over the years and then the 3rd one started to fail the same way. No corrosion on the contact points. Battery new. Strap looked good. However, I decided to try a new strap and and low and behold it was back to normal again. The straps seem to wear out or degrade over time. I wipe the sweat off my strap every ride and lightly wash it with water. I bought a cheap compatible strap from Amazon instead of the wahoo replacement. So far the new cheap strap is flying. I’d start there.


Thanks all for the replies!


Searching for solutions to my Tickr X problem. I am on my second one. Wahoo replaced my first and I suspect they will replace this one as it has been only three months (first lasted one month). Unlike the first one, this one is showing corrosion on the battery and contacts (two batteries are corroded now). I see someone here mentioned a Polar HR monitor. I am reticent to have Wahoo replace only to rinse and repeat in a few months. And before asking, I do wash the strap after each use but leave one end connected to the Tickr between uses. Thanks!

I have to say, I bought a Tickr together with my Kickr so my laptop can receive my HR over bluetooth.
Untill then, I used the original Garmin HR-strap that came with my first Garmin Edge in 2008.
That Garmin HR-strap is still performing flawless 15 years later, which I cannot say about the Tickr.
When it connects, it works fine and seems to read HR ok, but I’m constanly having connection problems, both over Bluetooth (to my laptop) as to my Elemnt Bolt over ANT+.
Not a fan of the Tickr, and thinking of buying an ANT+dongle instead to connect my old Garmin strap to my laptop.

On the bike, I’ve killed too many of the new style TICKR and Garmin heart straps and have given up on them completely. For a chest strap I am running an o.g. Garmin and a Cyclops ANT+ strap of the same design, these are the longer plastic strap styles that then have a snap-in elastic band. These just seem bullet proof, but no BLE. Mine are like 10 years old now! I had to replace the elastic when it gave out but was able to source.

This winter, for indoor biking and and for commuting, I have been testing and currently really like both the Polar Verity Sense and the Scosche Rhythm24 arm-band sensors. These are both rechargeable solutions, so no battery swapping needed that may mess with waterproofing, but charging has to be done (in the 20 hour range IIRC). Both models can store workout data internally if you like, and both support multiple BLE connections so makes it easy to avoid your HRM being paired to the wrong thing and messing up your indoor workout. Meant to be worn on bicep or on forearm below elbow (which is what I do), makes it super easy if you are a bib shorts user and forget you HR strap before your workout. One oddity of the Scosche unit (specifically this model I think - I went for this model over the Rhythm+ specifically for the multiple BLE connection support) is that SYSTM will detect it as a cadence sensor, so you may have to tweak setting before a workout to make sure you are using the cadence sensor you want. I assume it has an accelerometer/motion sensor in it and can do running and cycling cadence (NOTE to self - I need to try this for my commuter bike, no cadence sensor there and I had been using the Polar model instead which is defaulting to HR data only).

EDIT - If you browse the Scoshce website a few times, it will offer a coupon code. Same on Instagram. Free and fast shipping in the US generally.

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@Jeffrey Disconnect the Tickr from the strap. When I take it off I wipe it dry and then put it in front of a fan for a minute to get the moisture off. I also bought a replacement strap from Amazon that seems to work better than the OEM strap.

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As seen from the attached, waterproofing is a problem with the Tickr (geez, I sweat a lot!). I will look at these to alleviate this problem and I am sure I will prefer the armband solution to the chest strap for the same reasons you mention. But first, I will see what I can do with Apple Watch since I have it and it is somewhat equivalent. (And will make my wife happy that I do NOT buy yet another thing for training).

I think you will have to make another purchase in order to pair Apple Watch to SYSTM and other training apps though. I’m currently testing this (I have an Apple Watch 4 and 6):

CÔRD - Connect your devices, Batteries Not Required (npe-inc.com)

The same company also makes this WYÛR - Connect your devices, your way (npe-inc.com) but not quite available for purchase yet.

Watch this thread below, I am going to post some info on the CÔRD soon.

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