Wahoo X customer service

What is the email address to contact Wahoo X customer service directly?

[Chores] popped up message that a newer video was available, then it deleted the old downloaded video but was unable to download the latest video. After several attempts (including restarting my Windows 10 desktop), [Chores] could not be downloaded.

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Thank you! I was still wondering to email theminions@sufferfest.com which should no longer work now.

Will visit support.wahoofitness.com next time :+1::+1:

Hey Sir, I think they’re prolly still monitoring that email address but the minions are better able to track the support issues with the ticket submission process :slight_smile:

FWIW, I too was unable to download The Chores (oddly only on Desktop though, MacOS. I was successfully able to download it on iOS 15.5 on my iPhone :stuck_out_tongue: ).