When SUF sessions unexpectedly help you out

Whilst all the sessions I’ve been doing (both on-bike and off-bike Yoga) have made a big difference to my riding speed/power/endurance, I thought I’d mentioned an unexpected benefit of a specific group of Sufferfest sessions.

I was riding an evening/night sportive (Gran Fondo) at the weekend. The total ride distance was 115km but 30km in, my front derailleur self destructed, leaving me stuck in the inner ring. Anything flat(ish) meant hamster fast pedalling to keep up with the little group I’d settled into. As I often saw 100rpm+ on my Garmin, I thought of the cadence drill sessions and videos that include some high-rpm blocks - I’d ridden Recharger last week and that takes you up to 115pm (IIRC). I was trying to remember the technique tips from the sessions and stay as smooth as possible. Looking on Strava once home shows I peaked out at 131rpm.

So those high/MAX RPM efforts might seem excessively high but they are certainly worth nailing!




That was me! I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to see hills and be able to drop the cadence!


The cadence drills are also a great help when it is considerably colder than expected and underdressed. Being able to slip it into the little ring and spin 110-120rpm at 32kph certainly gets the heart rate up and keeps things a bit warmer.


thanks for the awesome information.

thanks for the information.