Jerky pedal stroke when out of the saddle

Hi all,
Have been using Sufferfest for about 3 weeks now but I am struggling with out of the saddle pedal rotation.
I am using a Kickr core and have done my 4DP and using ERG mode.
The problem is that when asked to stand and I try and hit the cadence target it just feels like I am in far to low a gear and I get a very jerky clunky motion, part connected and part disconnected if you get what I mean. If I slow the cadence right down I can get a slow smooth pedal stroke and usually still hit the power target.
Is this down to poor technique or do I need to re do my 4DP?
Any advice greatly appreciated.

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The 100rpm standing attacks in Angels used to seem impossible, I came to dread the sound of the gunshot and the message “Contador attacks!”. After riding it twice a week for months eventually my technique improved and the different muscles that were being engaged when standing could cope with longer until eventually I could complete the interval.


I find high cadence while standing really difficult. Anything above 85 rpm is tough, and my natural standing cadence is more like 75.

If the workout calls for standing, I ignore the cadence target if it’s over 85, and just do my best to keep a high cadence.

I’m working on cadence drills regularly, and can hit 150+ seated when warmed up, but it hasn’t really seemed to transfer to higher standing cadence yet.

I don’t think you need to redo your 4DP, especially if the power targets are reasonable elsewhere. And you’re definitely not alone in feeling that high-cadence standing efforts are awkward.


Standing at high cadence exponentially melts my thighs. I keep telling myself it’s worth it. I would love for Suff to make a 30 min workout dedicated to improving high cadence standing.

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I have the same challenge. I’m new to turbo training and slowly becoming addicted. After a couple of weeks on a basic trainer treated myself to a kickr core and it’s a great bit of kit.
I’ve really struggled with doing any standing cycling due to the jerky feeling you describe, maybe it’s my technique ( though never a problem on a spinning bike). I wondered whether it might be due to my bike set up but checked my chain which is within wear tolerance.
So wondered whether it might be a problem with kickr core itself, be useful if one of the Sufferfest team commented on this topic as it seems we are not alone.

Most spin bikes are fixed gear, so even if you have bad technique/ poor NM control the pedals still move around in smooth circles at a constant speed. Your Kickr has a freewheel like a regular bike so if you have any “dead” points in your pedal stroke it will feel jerky as the tension in the chain comes and goes. Single leg cadence drills are good for working on smoothness but seated only obviously. You could try cadence builds standing but reduce the target rpm to where you are able just maintain a non jerky pedal stroke.

Thanks for your reply , that’s really helpful and gives me some practical things to work on - as they say a bad workman blames his tools and I need to do some training to become a good one.
Suspect it might be easier to develop technique in level mode rather than erg mode.

I find standing to be jerky at low torque. This usually means that low cadence standing during climbing workouts are fine, and high cadence sprints are fine. It’s the 80-100 RPM standing segments at near FTP that feel like a waste of energy. I’m not sure what to do about it.