Why is Bolt insisting I pair with a Glucose monitor?

In the last couple of weeks my Element Bolt starting displaying this message requesting me to pair with a Glucose monitor. I do not have a Glucose monitor, nor have I ever had one. It just started appearing and I can’t get rid of it. Any suggestions?


Is there a Glucose field listed in the configuration for that page? Can you go into the ELEMNT companion app and remove it?

Yes, thank you! I found and removed the Glucose field from several pages and also found “Enable Supersapiens Glucose” turned on under sensors. Not sure how it all got turned on, but all is good now.

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Was going to be my first question - if you’d maybe paired w one in the past. If it’s asking for pairing, my thought would be along with any other device: If you go into the SYSTM app on your phone (whatever you’re pairing w your Bolt) and connect to your Bolt, look for your cycling workout profile and then check what devices are paired/linked to the Bolt - normally HR, cadence, speed, MAYBE power for an outdoor workout (if you have a PM).

If it’s asking for you to pair w a glucose monitor, find that device and delete it. Just picturing this in my head, but that’s where I’d look.