Wireless Earbuds

Does anyone have recommendations for wireless earbuds that don’t pick up the wind noise when you are speaking on a call and biking?

I’ve had mixed success with AirPods Pro and PowerBeats Pro for not picking up wind noise, it’s difficult to avoid without going a bit slower or speaking very loudly from experience

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Well, I will tell you as my riding group tells people. Do not wear headphones when on a ride. Ok that is out of the way. When on my own I wear air pod pros. They work ok. I would really say don’t wear them, and if you need to take a call just stop and pull over. We would rather have you then that phone call. Have a good ride


+1 - Riding with headphones is a deal breaker for our group. You are free to wear them, just no where near us.


I agree with the safety first principle and appreciate the caring comments. I’m very selective on wearing headphones and avoid doing so with traffic. Thank you for the suggestions.

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If you need music/podcasts, try bone conducting headphones instead. They leave your ears open to traffic and ambient sounds. I have Aeropex ones and they’re pretty good. I o ly use them when bikepacking solo on no traffic roads and I can still hear


Thank you for the suggestion

I agree with everything above, especially the recommendation for Aeropex because they give good quality audio, are loud enough for you to hear in anything other than strong winds, but also allow you to hear approaching traffic.
At the same time, you cant have a conversation with them if doing 20mph+, you’re simply generating too much air over the microphone. I’ve tried, you can hear them, but they can’t hear you. I’m not sure this is an awful thing, though, as the occurrence of you needing to take a call while trucking along at reasonable pace should be small.


FWIW: I tried Aftershokz and was not happy with the sound quality. I found it kind of strident and unpleasant, but it def depends on how it fits and interfaces with the area just in front of your ears. I also didn’t get along with the loop that goes behind the head as it would interfere with anything I was wearing that had a collar, like a vest or jacket worn in cooler wx. Never tried talking on it.

Thank you for the insights on Aeropex option. Not being able to carry on a conversation over 20mph isn’t a worry for me as I can’t imagine being able to say much or be focused on listening at that effort level.