Pro rides - audio - what do you do

I love the team scream because I like the coach motivational commentary on top of the music

Pro rides seem to have two options:

  1. Turn the music off, play own music, lose the coach
  2. Leave music on, listen to white noise, get the coach

What do you do here? I get fed up with both options.

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I generally do option 2 but is there a third option? I have not tried this but something you may want to give a go.

Go with Option 1 but turn on Closed Caption if such capabilities exist. Again, don’t know if they work on these videos but if they do, you can enjoy your own music and at least read the coaching instruction.

If the ecosystm (see how I did that leaving out the last vowel) does not have that capability, perhaps something we could request be added. Just a thought.

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I’ll give it a go next time I do one, it’s worth a try!

I like option 2 for the Pro Rides. I wouldn’t want the main training sessions like that, but it suits the Pro Rides perfectly and I’m quite happy getting into “the zone” when doing those rides, the “white noise” just helps with the atmosphere.


@Gringo I run the ProRide workouts as they are designed - no music, road noise and the coach talks me through the session. I have done all of the ProRides this way and generally I am working so hard and listening to the other bikes and focused on proper breathing and good form that I just zone out. I probably would like it with music but I just haven’t done it that way.


I’ve fallen into the routine of turning off video and storyline, post-boxing the workout and have my own video/tv/noise/images due to the dilemma you face along with incorrect grammar and punctuation in most workouts.

I could quite happily do TrainerRoad workouts but I believe WahooX science to workouts is many levels above what the others offer.

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Thanks all.

I’m going to try doing them as intended. I’ll get in the zone with the bike noise, like that idea.

This is what I do. I think it adds to the immersion in the ride - you get both the visual and aural sensation of being in the race.

Hey @Gringo
I’m just coming across this thread.
Sorry for slow reaction.
As others have pointed out, the intent is to put you in the middle of the action so we felt getting the best sensory* experience as possible (video AND audio) was important. This is why we’re spending a good deal of time in post-production adjusting audio levels from the, to say the least, fairly harsh output we get from a GoPro.

Having said that, there is a middle ground alternative that can work in most cases which is to do both at the same time.
You can leave the ProRides audio on while playing some music in the background.
It’s just a matter of adjusting volume levels so that you get to hear what you need from the ProRide.
Obviously that means you won’t get a full blast of music but it might be enough to cover the white… er road… noise.

Hope that helps.

*: we’re still working on smell and touch… that might take us a little longer though :wink: )


Just coming very late to this. Have only done 5 of the 19 Prorides so far, and really like them. For the first 4 I used the default settings and really enjoyed the recorded audio and the DS’ voice and his encouragement. But for the most recent 2-hour effort, I really wanted to listen to my own music and with all the background road and wind noise I had to mute all the session audio. I missed the DS a lot, so an option to have the DS closed caption, or even better a switch to enable just the DS voice recording would be very much appreciated.


I’m still no fan of the ProRides, but #WillRideForBadges

When we did the Tour Down under with Nicole for the January challenge, I found the original audio pretty encouraging, but then the UAE tour in February was hard. The rider pretty much alone, hardly anyone on the side of the road. No thanks.

I now play music on a separate device (Thank you @Francois-Wahoo 🎶 The Sufferfest Playlist on Spotify 🎶) and let the audio of the ProRide run as normal. It’s like one of those crit-races where they play loud music during the race.

Tour of Norway 2 has DS closed captions. Thanks, @Francois-Wahoo!


I’ve spent a lot of time riding the pro rides and love them. I usually stick with the ride audio track finding it quite meditative and the time flies by. Sometimes I put some music on controlled by a different device and keep the pro ride audio running too.

Having some (rather loud) music and the pro ride track running together feels like the best of both worlds. I’ve tried turning off the ride audio and found that doesn’t work for me, it totally changes the feel of the ride.