Wobbly cassette

Had my Kickr v4 about a month or so now no issues, was second hand and I swapped the supplied 11-28t 11 speed (unused) cassette back on, fairly proficient with bikes etc.

Last night when in use I lost the ability to use the small 11t and thought the retaining ring has come loose I’ll sort it out today. Took it apart and the ring was as tight as no issues but the cassette aside from 11 speed tooth was as wobbly as. Ahh I’m missing the spacer on the inside! poked about videos etc but it’s not needed for the 11 speed cassette.

Took it apart, put it all back on spacers and all, tightened up and the whole thing is as tight as again, no wobbly cassette etc. All 11 speeds can be moved through no problem.

What was/is the issue, any ideas?

Could be that something got caught on a burr that was created from the previous cassette and it was cleared off when you reseated everything. Had similar on wheels too.

Well I rode tonight 20 miles, no issues no wobbles.
I guess time will tell…