Workout without HRM

I know the topic sounds cliche but I’ve done a reasonably good search on it don’t think it has been asked before.

I’m fully onboard with the concept of heart rate and power based training, being on Suf for almost a year. Been running Suf along with Garmin edge without issues I.e. all sensors’ BT goes to my MacBook and ant+ on to my Edge530.

… until recently I started Zwifting (my apology, this is for vEveresting) while on Suf (the best training plans ever) mainly to collect XP to unlock ADZ.

So the question is… Does Suf really use HR data for training customisation / analysis, or only for monitoring during workout? I’m aware that FF and HM would require HRM for better accuracy.

I’m thinking of disconnecting HR from Suf and connect it to Zwift on to my iPad BT as I’d still like to connect the HR ant+ signal to Edge530. I have also considered buying ant+ dongle or even wear another chest HRM but I’m prone to disconnecting the hrm from suf for simplicity, unless Suf really uses the HRM data for analytics!

Reason for the HRM change is because I plan on uploading Zwift ride on Strava and Strava needs HRM data for intensity calculation. As for Garmin, nothing beats its firstbeat training status/effect algorithm IMO so the HR must go in there

Hope the question is not confusing.
Thank you!

I think you are fine to use SUF without an HRM. The only catch is if you are going to do Half Monty, you need the heart rate data for that one to work.

Thanks Sir @Cody.Moore for the direct response. Just what I needed! Speaking of which I think Suf should consider real customisation depending on riders’ performance based on his HR and power target. I believe the current customisation is pretty much static in a sense that it only looks at the initial 4DP profile without any dynamics in between.

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Does this mean that there’s no point in doing Half Monty without a heart rate monitor? My training plan has it coming up in a couple weeks and I don’t have a monitor that can talk to the Sufferfest app. Is there any way HM can be effective without feeding heart rate data to the app?