Heart rate, Half Monty and Betablockers?

Hi to all

I’m just venturing into moden Sufferlandria (having followed a couple of the old videos in years gone by) with the idea of following a training program and gaining fitness (I’m not a racer). I have a technical question which may also be of relevance to others who cycle whilst on mediction (the non-performance enhacing variety of course!).

Background: I’m 56 and now reasonably fit but had a small heart attack, whilst on the bike, 7 years ago (with single stent to the LAD for anyone interested). Amongst the standard longterm medication prescribed, I take a betablocker (Bisprolol). Although I did invest in a heart-rate monitor, I haven’t really used it; partly because I presumed the betablocker would mess up any calculation around target HR zones and partly because I’m not sure where I put the thing.

Having tried a few workouts, the lack of HR data hasn’t been much of an issue (I have a smart trainer with reasonable power accuracy). However, I notice for the Half Monty workout, the heart rate data is a fundamental component of the analysis.

My questions: will I get more useful/meaningful outputs if I include heart-rate data or would the fact the heart rate is influenced by medication simply confuse the analysis? If a monitor is recommended, would this apply to all workouts or just the heart-rate “sensitive” ones such as Half Monty.

Many thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to respond.

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Hey Gav,
Sorry I haven’t replied to your post earlier. First thing is to check with your cardiologist to sign off on doing the Half Monty and SUF. I know it can be a pain but it’s what we as coaches would need to prescribe any training. Once you get the okay, wear a heart rate monitor for the Half Monty. You’ll obviously get a lower heart rate range for the constrained 20 min effort, but it should be accurate. Again, consult with your cardiologist regarding what to expect. Let us know how it goes.


Many thanks for this Coach.
Will track down the monitor and update in due course…

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