Workouts Disappearing from Bolt and Elemnt app

Not sure if I am doing something wrong so maybe someone can point me in the right direction please? Doing the last two workouts I have been testing the accuracy of my Direto power meter using my Powetap P2 pedals. I have been using my laptop for the workout using all data from the Direto but also recording the power data from the pedals on my Bolt for the comparison. The Bolt data and the Systm ride data shows on the Elemnt history (2 entries ) and the Bolt data alone shows on the Bolt history… BUT only for a day, the next day the Bolt power data has dropped off the Bolt and the Elemnt history just shows the data from the Direto. Also the Bolt data does not Sync to Strava even though it works on other rides? Is it something to do with having two rides trying to sync from two different sources? thanks

I’d imagine it’s being processed in the Wahoo cloud and being flagged as a duplicate ride and being deleted. That’s understandable but frustrating if you’re wanting to compare the data. To keep both fit files can you set it for them to be emailed to yourself on completing the workout?

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