Uploading road ride data from element bolt to calender


Just wondering if I do a workout out on the road can I transfer that ride data from my element bolt to the calendar?

@james3665 Not yet - seems like that might be coming. You can add endurance rides to the calendar in increments of 1 to 5 hours in hour or 1/2 hour increments if you want to see the ride on your calendar. You then would just check it off as done.

I presently use Training Peaks and Strava to consolidate inside and outside ride metrics - tally mileage, RPE, power, HR, TSS, etc. It seems like Wahoo’s roadmap involves getting more of these features into the app based on what has been communicated thus far so stay tuned.


Thanks very much!!!

Would you have thought that WAHOO SYSTEMS can’t upload a ride from Element Bolt?? Come on Wahoo!!

Having just bought an Elemnt Bolt and just getting used to it. On the App it is good to see the Systm workouts showing on the Elemnt App, so it would seem that the two Apps are talking to each other - just in one direction though.
Is there any update on the roadmap as to when Elemnt rides will show through on the Systm and what data will align.

@andybiltcliffe I haven’t seen any new news on exporting or importing workouts from Wahoo head units. For now I just enter my outside ride as a no-vid Endurance with the approximate time within SYSTM and then just mark it as complete. Ideally you should be getting some combined statistics from the Element app on total mileage, hours, etc. Hopefully that data will combine with the SYSTM app in the near future.

I’ve seen recently that my ride history on my elemnt bolt now includes indoor systm workouts, a great shame my outdoor rides aren’t recorded in my systm calendar.
What I would love is for outdoor rides to be included in systm training plans, using the data to adjust training sessions depending on how hard or easy the outdoor ride was.
Garmin head units have a similar feature where it gives you a rest/recovery guide depending on how hard the ride was.
Any idea Wahoo on whether a similar feature will arrive which pairs indoor and outdoor rides?

@DavidSufferSlater Yes - that seems to be the plan per the thread below.

That’s good news.
Any idea what these features involve and when they may go live?