Workouts not saving

Ive been away for a few months. Now that im back, my workouts are not saving. They dont show up on the calendar or in the history. I have the latest app version as far as I can tell. Anyone else had this issue and figure out a fix?

Do you have a current subscription Sir?

Have you tried logging out and back in?

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current subscription yes (never lapsed).
i had not tried logging out. i just did and nothing shows completed. hopefully it will save tomorrow’s workout.


Get ahold of support and they may be able to recover your workouts.

Hello Harrier, I had the same problem. I fixed it deleting the app and then downloading and installing the app again. i thought I had the latest version, but it seems diferent. Nevertheless it fixed that issue.


Yeh, I’d try what Sir @jmckenzieKOS suggests too, that is, contact support, but I’d also 100% do what @Miguel said too. Delete your app, download a new one and reinstall.

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Thats a great suggestion. I shall try that today before my workout. Thanks for the idea


Uninstalling and reinstalling worked! Thank you! It seems common sense to try that but i cant confidently say i would think of it.