WTF Garmin (vent/rant)

Pardon the rant:
Did a ride outside today. Attempted to replicate ‘Who Dares’. But today Garmin has some software problem and I cannot view my ride and how I did. I know that eventually they will fix it, but waiting sucks. Arrgh!

One step closer to getting a Wahoo (b-day and Xmas are coming)…

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Unfortunately there’s an outage with Garmin today. Hopefully they will be up and running soon

Yeah, I am wainting for garmin to resolve the issue, too. My app says they are doing maintenance on the server.

Sounds like some very serious issues at Garmin! Allegedly hit with Ransomware. Basically an IT department’s worse fear. Ugh.

That being said I was in the same boat. Ended up plugging my Garmin into my laptop and pulled today’s .fit file off and manually uploaded to Strava


Yeah, I’m thinking it is a serious breech. I was this close to pulling the pin on a new Fēnix watch too. They’ll be back, soon, but it is the sad state of affairs. Now the criminals know all about my KOMs and my favourite segments.


+1 for Wahoo