Zwift virtual shift bike

Is it compatible with The Sufferfest?
I mean, has it got ERG?

The Zwift Hub One has Erg mode, but the virtual shifting only works when riding in Zwift. You could use Zwift hub for Erg mode Sufferfest workouts but would not be able to change gear when needed in either HM or FF fitness tests.


didn’t think about HM or FF!!

Wow. So, if you bought this trainer you would have to use ERG mode in any other platform other than Zwift, unless/until the other platforms allowed you to use virtual gears.

That’s taking it one step further towards making indoor cycling even less like outdoor cycling. Tho, I guess it should reduce the likelihood of you dropping your chain.

I’m not liking it, tho.

The Hub One still has a Shimano 11sp freehub that the single Cog is mounted to, so you could swap that out to fit a normal cassette and use it in sim/level mode.


Well, that makes more sense then.

Just did my first ride with virtual shift in Zwift, it did really well. I use a 1980s trek road bike with downtube shifters on the trainer, so being able to attach the shift button anywhere and not worry about gear indexing is pretty great.

Shifting to easier gears felt very natural, shifting to harder has a brief moment of feeling too hard and then let’s up…kinda weird. It’s software so I’m sure they will figure it out.