Zwift Ride with SYSTM

Hey all, my new Zwift Ride is arriving tomorrow. My understanding is that the KICKR core that’s included will work fine in ERG mode, but the virtual shifting with the Zwift Cog won’t work in level mode with anything except Zwift right now. 99% of the time I’m in ERG mode, but I’m planning on doing a Half Monty soon and I’m not sure how to handle the HR target section in level mode.

Are there any plans to bring virtual shifting support to systm? Or is it possible to keep level mode on and manually adjust the resistance somehow through the systm UI even though there’s no power target?

Thanks for your help!

@Brian_Kraemer Yes - you would need to use level mode in the workout player. You may want to do a practice ride before your fitness test to get acclimated with how it works.

You can also do the test in Zwift by using the browser extension tool but then you would need to manually update your numbers in SYSTM.

I’m not sure this will work Sir @JSampson. Level mode in SYSTM requires you to change gears but you won’t be able to change gears using the ZWIFT Ride controllers in SYSTM.

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@Glen.Coutts You can also change levels via the devices tab in the workout player. That is what I was referencing - not the Zwift Click. Apologies if that wasn’t clear.

Yea you can change levels but I don’t think you’ll be able to find the “gear” that works in Half Monty cuz there won’t be any gears. I suppose the only way to know is to try once the Zwift Ride is hooked up. I’m just not holding out a lot of hope, personally and don’t want to mislead the OP that it’ll work. The public facing materials are clear that the only app that the Zwift Ride virtual gears will work in is Zwift.

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@Glen.Coutts Go back and read the OPs post - he states “ Or is it possible to keep level mode on and manually adjust the resistance somehow through the systm UI even though there’s no power target?”

I am answering that question. Not sure where the confusion comes from about the Click.

Fair enough. I’m looking forward to hearing back on how it went.

@Glen.Coutts Yeah - it won’t be perfect as he won’t have gears but he will have the ability to adjust levels and also vary cadence. Hopefully we will see more integration between Wahoo and Zwift on workouts to make the process easier for cyclists using the cog and click.


Thanks both! I’ll do a test ride tomorrow probably and report back

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During the winter when my bike stays on the trainer, I’m too lazy to charge my DI2 so can’t shift. I often resort to adjusting the grade in Level mode when I don’t want to/can’t ride in ERG mode. You don’t get the fine adjustments you could get from your 20-odd gears, but I can usually find something close to the power and cadence targets I need; I imagine it would be similar with a Zwift Cog.

Good luck with your experiment!


Sorry for reporting back later than I’d mentioned, but I did the half Monty today with 0 issues. Obviously I couldn’t use the virtual gearing but adjusting the level and my cadence worked just fine!

Thanks all for your help!


Nice to hear. Thanks for checking back in.

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