10th Anniversary

Dear Sufferlandrians, I would like to celebrate my 10th Anniversary as a Sufferlandrian with you.

10 years ago, after putting in the order, I received a mail from a guy called David, from the Sufferfest Studios with the link and downloaded my first Sufferfest Video.

Then I entered Sufferlandria and knew I will never leave again.

Thank you, Sir David, Sir Dylan, Sir Neal, Sir Mac, Dame Rebecca, Sir Cody, all other minions and the entire Sufferlandrian nation for your constant support, encouragement athrough suffering, keeping me fit and mentally sane. And even awarding me a knighthood in this blessed country.

Tonight I will enjoy some old school suffering with the original Revolver video that I found deep down on my hard drive!

Looking forward for to the next ten years of suffering.

More than you!

Yours, Sir Joe


Happy Sufferversary Sir Joe :partying_face:

Knowing how rare that original Revolver is I tried the download link in your screenshot but, sadly, no luck. At least I still have my original Downward Spiral to look forward to for my 10th.


I am still a wet behind the ear whippersnapper :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Only 7 years and I have 23 of the original videos if I am not mistaken (some could have been deleted)


I think I am in year 7 or 8. I just know, my very first video was THE HUNTED … in German! :smiley:


As we’ve got a few old timers here I just wanted to check. Am I the only one who still thinks of Nine Hammers as one of the new workouts?? :slight_smile:


Whew, not just me then :slight_smile:

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All workouts with a squiggly line at the bottom are the new ones.


Just found my original downloads of Angels, Downward Spiral, and Long Scream - received on 12 November 2012, so 8 years almost to the day :slight_smile: Still prefer the older version of Angels, perhaps its time to have a few old school workouts on RPE


Just did the new version of Angels for the first time and was disappointed. The storytelling and editing of the original is far superior and really helps hit the targets. Missed chasing Contador, seeing the other Schleck being impressed and chasing Contador some more. Are any of the original videos going to be available on the app in future I wonder?