10th anniversary of the 2013 Tour of Sufferlandria also my 2023 ToS

This week is the 10th anniversary of the 2013 tour of Sufferlandria. To celebrate I am planning that route as the 2023 ToS later this month. I have never understood why we cannot have an inaugural Whatwhoagain? Tour and a 2023 ToS, so I am planning my own 2023/2013 ToS for February 18-26. The suffering should be glorious. I know other Sufferlandrians have already re-ridden this tour, and perhaps even more will continue the tradition until the Whatwhoagain overlords recognize the value of this classic race.



My ToS 2023/2013 anniversary challenge is well under way. As noted elsewhere, stages 1 & 2 done on day one. 3 &4 done day 2 - used the extra shot as a reduced effort recovery ride b/w the hunted and a very dark place. Stages 5 & 6 today ( DAY 3) DONE! with long scream as a zone 2 rode between angels and the wretched. My donations are going toward Alzheimer’s research and local mental health services, two areas of healthcare that have haunted our family.


How’s your Tour Of Sufferlandria going - still Suffering :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I hope!

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2023 ToS update: stage 7 on day four was true suffering. With my intermittent training prior to my tour and after three days of 2-3 Sufferfest videos per day at a roughly nuclear pace, Downward Spiral was all I could manage for the day. However, eating well and resting meant day 5 was a (barely) doable duo of There Is No Try and Revolver at 100%. All that is left is Local Hero today.

The three days of “rest” between stage 8 and 9 were sad days of helping to manage the fallout of a family tragedy - a different kind of suffering that helps me understand Michael Cotty’s marathon rides through the Pyrenees. I did not get to experience the peace that comes from reaching the summit of a high peak, but struggling through and finishing this tour gives me a sense of strength and fills me with gratitude for my family’s patience with my solitary, stationary quest.

Khalil Gibran’s quote flashed across my screen on Tuesday: “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” Yes, we have all been scarred along the way, but our persistence and determination give us the strength of soul to say IWBMATTKYT. Sufferlandrians endure and triumph. Best wishes to all you massive characters out there, however you choose to ride your 2023 Tour.

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Thanks, JonE. I updated and will finish my tour soon.

10th anniversary ToS 2013/2023 complete!
Local Hero was the last stage for my anniversary tour. It was a bit out of the original order, but a great finishing stage. I had forgotten how much I love the four sprints at the end. The first hour’s threshold efforts are modest enough that I can exceed the 4 sprint targets, and the past world champs bring back great memories of their time in the peloton.

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Way to get after it! That’s quite some suffering you made for yourself there!

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Thanks, Sir Glen. Your presence in the forum is always a good one

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Sorry to hear you’ve had real-world suffering to work through.

Great Tour of Sufferlandrian’ing there Alex!

“Have you toured Sufferlandria this year?”

“More Fluffies than you!”

Congratulations Sufferlandrian! :volcano::biking_woman:t4: :+1::muscle::fist::raised_hands:

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